Hello Everyone!
Let’s start One Point Japanese Lesson!

This month’s topic is “Party”
When I study abroad in Hawaii, there were many kinds of Party at school.
If you live in America, there are Home Party too right?
Well, maybe it’s usual thing in America but in Japan, we don’t really do party.

So! When you invite Japanese to the party, you should use “AITEIREBA” which means “If you are free” in front of the conversation.

Japanese think it’s really rude to refuse the invitation. So if they don’t really wanna go to the party, they will come. I think it’s because Japanese love to think others. Well, It’s nice, but sometimes it’s too much right? Maybe it’s little annoying, but this is Japanese.
So! When you try to invite your Japanese friends to the party, you need to think about them, and make them easier to answer. And “Aiteireba” is the good word for that!
Now, let’s pronounce “Aiteireba”, repeat after me?

Next is Calligraphy timeee.

Today’s Japanese is “Aiteireba”
Have a great party~~~!