It’s already the 4th Gala Japon TV!! (include pre-broadcast)

Omg, so fast, right?

Today’s our theme is “Hanami” which is cherry-blossom watching in Japan.

There’s a video on our Youtube channel where Ms. Miki gives us advice on spring Hanami fashion so please check it out!


Well, we tried hard…but…
Fashion is so deep and difficult… haha

The 1st corner we had was Ms. Miki’s !
It was really helpful as always, this time. 😭
When you don’t have any time to touch up your make-up, we don’t have to worry about it anymore if we use the cosmetics that she introduced today!
What she recommends, is like a magic to me…!!!
I’m so happy that my knowledge and skill improved every time. 😊

And the next was ”Shinwa no Eigakan e GO!”

Today’s recommendation was a little different from what he usually recommends, action!!
I’m not watching action film usually, but after he recommended, I REALLY WANT TO WATCH!!
I never watched “XXX” series before, but he told me it’s okay that I’ll watch only the third one. So! I’ll go watch it, and feel refreshed!

After every Gala Japon shooting, I always want to try what Ms. Miki and Mr. Shin recommended. Like everything. Lol

I’m pretty sure I enjoy the most every time.
So! I can’t wait for the next.😎

Of course, “O MO TA SE” is one of my favorite corner too!
Today’s Anpan was very delicious!
It was not that sweet, and I could taste the cherry-blossom!

Oh! Don’t forget, what we say before eating??

It’s really a beautiful Japanese, so please use it!
There are “One Point! Japanese Lesson” videos on Youtube, so check it out!

Next broadcast will be on April.19th!
Don’t forget to watch it~~✨



「GalaじゃぽんTV ⑶」は3月15日(水)23時〜インターネット放送‼️


📺FRESH!  →freshlive.tv/galajapontv











Hello everyone~~~!
Did you watch “Gala Japan TV”??

Today’s our topic is “Feel cozy”!
We made chocolate together, and we had really free shooting ✨(like as always)

At Ms. Miki’s corner, “Miki no Otasuke! Miki’s Beauty” , she taught us about cheek make up!!

Well, I’m not good at cheek make up, but I feel my make up skill is improving!!!

And also I’m having so much fun at make up!
I’ll buy more cosmetics and try another one😎
There are more make up videos at our official YouTube channel, so check it out!!

Here we are!!!
Mr. Shin’s “SHINWA no Eigakan e GO” corner!
He told us wonderful movie so I’ll go watch it soon!

Recently I love to go to the movie theater by myself😎
What he recommended us is seriously really good!!
I can’t wait to watch it😊

How was my “Kokoga POINT! Nihongo Lesson!”?

It was really fun that Ms.Miki and Mr.shin acted “Naruhodo” in the situation perfectly😂

There are Japanese Lesson videos at YouTube so please check it too!

Today we had guest!
Nanae Yamaki who is a Koto player!!!

I didn’t know about Koto that much, but now, I really wanna learn about it!!!

We could wear Kimono and leading Koto at the same time!!!
So when you come to Japan, please try it!!
It’s gonna be really good time✨✨✨

And it was a Valentine’s Day!
So today’s OMOTASE was Mr.shin’s home-made chocolate!!!
Yeyyyyyyy!!! Well, he looks unhappy lol


He could made it easily!
It was not that sweet, and really good!

I should make it too right??😎
Because it’s REALLY easy to make.


Oh! I love the song that Mr.Shin sang!!lol
I have no idea how he makes a song that fast…!!!!
Next Gala Japan TV will be on March 15th!
Please don’t forget to watch it✨✨✨

Happy belated Valentine’s Day everyone😋