Gala Japon TV

Hellooooo everyone!!
Let’s start Yuka’s Gala blog!

Today was the first Gala Japon TV, so I was nervous….
It was so fun and so FREE. Lol

The time past so fast!

Mrs. Miki’s corner, “Miki no Otasuke! Miki’s Beauty!”
That was so helpful right?!!

I really want the eyeliner and shadow!!
My eye make up is so sparkling!!
I don’t wanna take off this makeup 😂

I can’t wait for next!!

Mr. Shin’s movie corner, “SHINWA no Eigakan e GO!”
I was gonna laugh that he was talking about movies soooo deeply. lol

But! I really wanna watch the recommended movie!
I will search the movie theatre later:)

How was my corner, ” Kokoga POINT! Nihongo Lesson” ??
I hope you can use it when you come to Japan!
I’ll keep teach you useful Japanese, so check it out:)

Our today’s guest was Shakihachi(the bamboo-flute) player, Eiki Yoshikoshi!
I never saw the Shakuhachi before, but it sounds so interesting!
I feel we don’t listen the Japanese traditional instrument, even though we are in Japan.
So this is good timing to go listen!
Thank you Gala Japon! ☺️haha

Please go listen to Japanese traditional music when you come to Japan!!

Mr. Yoshikoshi will be perform at Mr.Shin’s concert too! So please check it out!!!

And the cake was soooo yummmyyyyy!!!!
“Kongetsu no O MO TA SE corner”!
I ate all of it after the shooting, so I’m so full right now…lol haha

What’s the next sweet???☺️hehe

Oh! And don’t forget to check the stage that I’m in, “Stage of Lodoss War”!

We are rehearsing hard to make the stage best as we can!!!
So please come watch it!!

Next Gala Japon TV will be on January 18th, 2017!
Don’t forget to check~~~🙌🏻✨

See you again💕💕💕



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